Welcome to PieOnEarring Films

As you can probably tell from our name, we’re not a standard film company.

How we get our films made isn’t conventional and it isn’t for everyone.  But our way, the PieOnEarring way, benefits YOU by giving you experience, quickly! 


But we need your help. Without your help we can’t make movies that will be seen around the world.  It involves a bit of hustle, but not half as much hustling you’d have to do to get a walk-on part in a big budget movie!


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  • 3 Shaolin
  • 1 Escape1 Rooms
  • A3 Robo
  • 6 Escape
  • 5 UB2

PieOnEarring Films

Welcome to PieOnEarring Films

Our Current Projects:  

Upcoming Movies:  

Want to be a part of our productions?  
If you want to be an extra, or be a zombie killing one of the main characters, or want to be considered for a leading role, or work behind the scenes then give me an email, unlike other companies, I WILL get back to you!  

Here's just 5 of our Upcoming Movies...  Would you like to get involved?  Our movies are distributed globally.

If you want to get involved in film making, regardless of experience or age then drop us an email at:





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