First of all, I'd like to tell you why I set up PieOnEarring Films...

Why are we building a Production Company / Mini Independent Film Studio?

The short answer is, we intend to be fully self sufficient.  We don't make movies to try to sell to distributors who take all our money.  We make our movies with your help, you would be promoting us and selling copies to your friends, family, colleagues etc, so it makes sense to see that you are rewarded and you receive a percentage from every sale you make.  

We'd much rather share our proceeds with you lovely people than giving our film over to a distributor and no-one making any money at all... apart from the greedy distributor!  (Amazon and Netflix excluded as they're one avenue of our distribution output)

The more people working with us means more sales we make, which means more movies we can make per year to our audience who love what we do!!  

We have a team from around the world, UK, Canada, USA, India, Israel......  But we need more, many more people who would like to work with us to help us all grow as a community, for the long term.

We're not interested in making just one film every 4 years, we want to make 2 - 3 films per year.  The more films we make, means more money you could make with your percentage from each sale you make.  

Let me just say we are NOT going to get rich with this business model, our intention is to be in a position where we make movies for our tailored audience and we continue to make movies for the long term and hopefully be a springboard to anyone who want to come and be on a film set and learn on the job.  We are open to pretty much everyone, a self sufficient community.

So if you'd like to become an affiliate with PieOnEarring Films, then please drop me an email and I WILL reply.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Email me at: 

Many thanks,
Phil (Owner)
PieOnEarring Films



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