Frackin' Hell: Escape From Crazy Island

(Feature Film - Gory Horror / Action)


A couple decide to get away from their busy lives and go and have a week away on holiday on a very small reclusive island in the South East of England.

They drive over the long bridge to the island and arrive at the tiny resort. The people seem nice, relaxing and having fun. 

They stay the night and wake up the next morning and go for a hike in the woods followed by a scuba dive.....

There is fracking nearby but in amongst the oil lies an ancient bacteria that has been dormant for thousands of years.

The Frackers hit a pocket of ancient poisonous gas with zombie bacteria. The Frack site blows up from the harmful gas that surrounds it. Eruptions of gas blow up from the floor in different areas of the nearby holiday park.  

The ground rumbles like an earthquake and the bridge to the island collapses into the vast water below...  No one can get on or off the island!

People are coughing inhaling the zombie gas. They go mental and turn into crazies.

Our couple along with some other holiday campers on the scuba diving excursion weren't affected by the gas but on their return all hell breaks loose!
Luckily the people on the scuba diving excursion use their oxygen tanks and masks to keep from breathing in the Zombie Gas!

But something much worse is lurking on the island, with a gripping finale, you won't want to miss this.

Can they escape the island alive... and uninfected?!


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