Our new feature length movie, titled-FRACKING HELL: ESCAPE FROM CRAZY ISLAND – is Coming Soon!

We’re filming it all in the Medway Towns in Kent.
What’s it about?

The UK economy has taken a nose dive after Brexit and holidays abroad are now too expensive.
UK Adventure holidays are getting more popular.

A group of holiday makers go on an activity camping holiday on a remote UK island called Centre Camps, but hidden away on the other side of the island is a Fracking site.

The Frackers have hit a pocket of ancient poisonous gas which causes earth tremors and gas eruptions all over the island… heading towards the camp site.

The poisonous gas eruptions attack the holiday makers turning them into Crazies…

Our campers have to try and escape the island through caves, tunnels, old forts, airfields & woodlands while fighting off the Crazies before they too get infected by this crazy ancient gas!

We are filming in just a fews months time, if you would like to be involved please scroll up to the LOOKING FOR EXTRAS section and get in contact!