We are looking for EXTRAS for the feature film FRACKING HELL: ESCAPE FROM CRAZY ISLAND…

We are filming most of the film in and around the Hoo Peninsula in Medway.

If you would like to be in full make up & costume and be a
1. Crazy, or a
2. Fracking Protester holding up an anti-fracking sign and shouting at our main actors… or a
3. Fracking Workperson wearing high visibility and hard hat, escaping explosions and Crazies… or even a
4. Camping Extra, enjoying the camp site, hiking, biking and then maybe turning into a Crazy if you wish…

then do please get in contact at the email below.

We are also flexible in giving an Extra a line to speak in the film if it helps them add a segment to their Show-reels.

Please email stating you’d like to be an Extra and I will email you all the details you will need.  All I ask is, if you say you’ll be there, you must commit and turn up… and have fun!

Email:  pieonearringfilms@gmail.com