Say Whaaaa?

Yep that’s right, there’s been a change of schedule. Sorry folks.

But wait, don’t accept my apology just yet, because I have something wonderful to share with you…

I know, I know, we were supposed to be filming FRACKING HELL: ESCAPE FROM CRAZY ISLAND right about now.

Well, that ain’t happening right now, and here’s why:

  • Locations – We ran into some problems with the owners of certain locations going silent on us. (whoosh tumble weed). Even though we had meetings, we wrote and adapted the script tailored to those locations and agreed all T’s & C’s… Well, dat don’t mean sh*t to some people.
  • Availability – There were some Cast and Crew availability issues with filming in the summer. It’s an outdoors movie set on a run down adventure camp site. To keep all the cast and crew happy we can’t film in the winter for 13 hours a day.

So unfortunately we don’t have enough time to source different locations, write them into the script and be ‘Production Ready’ in a matter of weeks before the crappy cold British winter creeps back in.

So, here WAS the schedule

Summer 2019 we were to film FRACKING HELL: ESCAPE FROM CRAZY ISLAND.

In Feb/Mar 2020 we were scheduled to film ASYLUM MASSACRE 3D. This film is mainly set indoors, so is the perfect ‘winter shoot’.

We’re swapping productions…

ASYLUM MASSACRE 3D will now be filmed THIS YEAR in November 2019 (WaHoooo)!
FRACKING HELL: ESCAPE FROM CRAZY ISLAND will now be filmed in the summer of 2020.

I personally want to apologise to anyone who was looking forward to being a part of the film this year and is disappointed that it’s been pushed back.

BUT, I just want to be clear that – jgffsdajfhi’o sa## da2dfas

Sorry, I mean’t to say – PieOnEarring has a number of projects pretty much ‘ready to go’, so if one project needs to be pushed back, we don’t have to wait.

We move straight on to the next exciting project.   

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