About Us

PieOnEarring Films: As you can probably tell from our name, we’re not a standard film company. Not only do we produce and self distribute micro-budget features, we’re also growing into a Video On Demand platform of sorts (COMING SOON)

We’ve realised these big VOD platforms who want our movies, make it really hard for us to make a good return from our sales. There’s too many barriers for our customers to easily make a purchase.

On these VOD platforms your customers have to first Sign Up for an account before buying your films.  So many sales are lost and this only benefits the VOD platform.

Us film-makers are always getting a crappy deal.  We want to try and change that.

So, out of necessity for trying to keep as much profit as we possibly can, without giving the lions share to these platforms and losing sales due to our customers having to give over their details to these companies.

We built our own mini platform for the indie film-makers who would also like to try to make as much return on their investment as possible, so they can make and sell more movies!

We also own printing equipment and DVD / BLU-RAY duplicating equipment which we use for our own products, so we’ve opened up our services to you, to help other film-makers from getting charged high prices.

We want to keep our prices down so you can make more money and have a better chance to make more films.

PieOnEarring Films champions the notion of “Two Way Streets”.   We believe in helping each other to reach our film-making goals.

Indie film-makers have more clout when together.  If you would like to use our platform to sell your films and merchandise, do get in contact.

Merchandise ideas:
Glow In The Dark print!  And mug printing.