Disc on Demand

We can duplicate your DVD’s, BluRay’s & CD’s. All IN-HOUSE. We can create a fully packaged DVD on-demand. From just one copy to as many as you need. If you sell a DVD of your movie via PieOnEarring, we will burn a copy of your DVD, print the sleeve and the disc, package it in it’s case and post it off for you.

Not only that, for each sale you make YOU KEEP 40% FROM EVERY SALE. This is a great deal for indie film makers!

We are a film company so we understand how hard it is to make money from your films without being screwed over with lousy rates by the big corporations. To find out more go to our FAQ section.

Got a film you’d like to sell on this site?

All you have to do is CONTACT US and tell us a bit about your film and we’ll reply to you with the details.