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Sell RENTALS of your film and stream on our site  (COMING SOON)

How much does this cost?


Why are you providing this service?

There are a number of new Video On Demand (VOD) sites popping up but they all have a flaw that hinders us making sales / money.

All your customers have to SIGN UP TO AN ACCOUNT WITH THESE COMPANIES first before they can buy your products. THAT IS A HUGE BARRIER FOR OUR CUSTOMERS and means a high Shopping Cart Abandonment rate.  Meaning LOSS OF SALES.

That only benefits the VOD companies and not us. So…  We’ve made this REALLY EASY for you and YOUR CUSTOMERS to buy from you.

1. Your customers don’t have to sign up to anything to buy your products.

2. It only takes a couple of clicks to make a purchase. Nice and easy!

To find out more go to our FAQ section.

Got a film you’d like to sell on this site?

All you have to do is CONTACT US and tell us a bit about your film and we’ll reply to you with the details.