VOD Platform: Submit A Film

PieOnEarring Films aims to be a bit different from other VOD platforms.

So we are pleased to offer a Transactional Video On Demand service, as opposed to a subscription based model.

We accept most types of film so if you aren’t sure if we would stream your film you are more than welcome to contact us to find out.

Our goal is to give you a fair deal so that you can reach an audience and continue to make films.


* What is PieOnEarring VOD?

We offer a ‘pay per view’ platform which only requires a couple of clicks from your customer.
Your customer can watch a film without an ongoing monthly fee.

* How does it work?

You invite your audience to buy your film from our platform. Your customer will create a password, and provide an email address.
Then they can buy your film(s). They can rent or download your films.
For downloads: Your film remains on our platform which will prevent piracy. Your customer simply comes back to view the film.

* Is it safe to submit my work to your platform?

PieOnEarring Films wants to eliminate bad practice. We will NEVER misuse information or assets. Films will never be uploaded to other platforms.

* Do I still own the rights to my work?

Absolutely. And you are free to show your work on other platforms.
PieOnEarring Films release their own films so we understand the need to get our work out there.

* I have more than one film. Can I submit multiple films?


* Can filmmakers set their own prices?

Yes. We can set that up for you. We can also make suggestions based on our own experience of the market.
The revenue split is very competitive. 60% / 40% (60% to the filmmaker).

* Does PieOnEarring require filmmakers to censor their work?

No. We don’t act as a censor. However, excessively graphic content will need to come with a warning on your thumbnail artwork.

* How are filmmakers compensated?

PieOnEarring wants to give filmmakers the best possible deal. We pay out for the sales you make.
We pay monthly via Paypal.
Filmmakers will be provided with their sales list.

We will take transactional fees, such as Paypal, from our revenue split. We do not take a transaction fee from the sale of your film(s).

* How does PieOnEarring choose their content?

We watch every film submitted. If both parties decide to move on we will send out an agreement form for you to read through and sign.

* How do I submit my work to PieOnEarring?

Click the button below.

For more information email submit@pieonearringfilms@gmail.com